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Tradelander 5 CC

Tradelander 5 CC is a well-established transport company and logistics firm. Our vehicles are owned, dedicated, and managed only by the Tradelander 5 CC team. With our own fleet as well as Joint Venture with our dedicated transporters, who have been with us for several years in the brokerage, gives us the ability to scale according to capacity requirements and maintain our stance as an integrated logistics provider. This allows us to provide a comprehensive range of services at a superior level over our competitors, to our valued customers.

Skilled Deliveries for Quality Clients

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What Differentiates us?

Business and logistics in general are extremely competitive industries and it is imperative to consistently seek innovative solutions and products that will give us an added advantage against our competitors. The Businesses that we own and manage have been created to interact and support one another and therefore, specifically due to this, our management success has kept them secure and profitable.

Express deliveries have become a sort after service which we offer. we are able to provide bespoke solutions according to the needs and specifications of the customer. The facilitation of the joint venture between customers allows for optimization of cost saving solutions, timely collections as well as delivery to our valued clients. We manage project from A-Z with their logistical requirements.

joint venture business vision

To ensure we’re strategically positioned to support our customers with cost effective,service driven and innovative end-to-end solutions in all the markets in which they operate.

Our Joint Venture will achieve this by continually seeking to extend our reach and expand our service offering through our long-term sustainable partnerships within our group of companies and our valued customers, whilst remaining committed to ensuring we are profitable and deliver an acceptable rate of return for our shareholders.

Our philosophy is to listen and seek to understand. Engaging with our clients has enabled us to create solutions that work and are sustainable both in short-, medium- and long-term thus creating a mutually beneficial relationship. We are extremely committed to service excellence.

Integrity forms part of our core business principles and forms an integral role in all our business relations

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Accreditation and services

In the group of companies

Tradelander 5 CC and Tradelander Management Solutions (TMS) with their JV partners are fully compliant with the transport industry regulatory and legislative requirements.

  • B-BBEE level 2 Scorecard
  • NBC certificate
  • Tax Clearance Certificate - Cross border transportation requirement
  • WCA Clearance Tradelander 5 CC and Tradelander Management Solutions (TMS)
  • RTMS on some of vehicles

Our valued clients

Tradelander 5 CC, and Tradelander Management Solutions share clients that we feel proud to service and we will do our utmost to make sure that our service levels are always a priority.

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